Who is  B mode?


Who is Bmode? He is a music purist. Growing up with a classically trained pianist in the family (his mother), gave him the proper foundation to truly appreciate the origin of music. However developing very little piano skills, Bmode was more into production and sound reproduction and how it all got put together. His older brother and strong influence, purchased a vintage Roland Jupiter 8 synth and Bmode quickly started to piece it all together, and found a love for electronic music.

Throughout the last 15 years he was known as "Haj" or "Haji B" to most of the LA DJ community. Haji, LA native, acquired his DJ nickname from a old cartoon show, can you guess which one? Over a ten year period, DJ'ing really opened up his eyes and ears to all genre's of music which led him into the position of recording engineer. This gave him the opportunity to truly learn how to properly record music, and more importantly how music should sound.  Remixing tracks for local artist was next which caught the eye of music executives and Bmode moved up to A&R for a small LA label. "It was the most eye opening experience of my life..." Bmode states, as he sharpened his skills watching artist go throughout the entire recording process from creativity to marketing to performances.

His two year run at A&R opened his eyes to the vicious and ever changing world of music politics, and pushed him away from the industry when the label folded in 97'. "I've seen some very talented people go absolutely no where as industry politics kept them from rising, and it is very hard to watch that high caliber of talent get shelved." Bmode left the industry with a bitter taste for the biz, but his love for music endured.

After a long sabbatical, Bmode dove into music production again with a new found passion for chill-out, downtempo, trip-hop and ambient grooves. Sparked mostly by XM/Sirius and internet radio streams, he now brings you his Eclectic Cafe gathering all influences from The Art of Noise to Mozart. This eclectic culmination of new age, hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and ambience raised the levels of conscience instrumental music as we know it. With hypnotic melodies, hip-hop beats and smooth groove tracks, this Eclectic Cafe must be visited! Enjoy.

Links to check out:

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  3. http://www.scoringmixer.com/

  4. http://www.myspace.com/martinkembermusic

  5. http://www.bcdb.com/

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